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Re: Oddity with BDB backend

Aaron Richton wrote:
Boy, makes you wonder if there are any bugs in 2.2.23 with that. Perhaps

	Fixed back-bdb ldapadd ctxcsn crash (ITS#3685) fixed in 2.2.26
	Fixed back-bdb ctxcsn/LRU bug (ITS#3666) fixed in 2.2.25

I'd try an upgrade to 2.2.28 or, preferably, 2.3.7.

Releases 2.2.29 and 2.3.8 are being prepared. You could try testing the CVS branches, to get the latest available fixes.

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005, Mike Whitaker wrote:

Trying to do a MOD on an attribute on a node very occasionally
returns me this (slapd v2.2.23)
err=80 text=context csn store failed

I don't see any changes that directly address this problem; it implies that the BDB library failed with a condition we don't recognize. It could be as simple as an out-of-resource condition (disk space, lock resources, etc), but there would be other BDB error messages accompanying this if that were true. You probably need to run db_recover.

Switching up to 2.3 would be a good move, since none of this particular code exists any more in 2.3.

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