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Re: How to raise the open file descriptor limit for slapd?

Karsten Gorling wrote:
I have a fairly heavily used openldap-2.2.28 server in production and I am running into the 1024 fd descriptor limit. From time to time I get

1024 beyond descriptor table limit 1024

That is more an OS issue than an OpenLDAP-Issue. Which OS are you
using? On Linux look up the file /etc/security/limits.conf.

It is Linux as it happens. We added

*       hard    nofile  4096

to /etc/security/limits.conf at the same time that we added

	ulimit -n 4096

to the init.d script for ldap. All this did was to change the syslog error message from

  daemon: accept(6) failed errno=24 (Too many open files)


  daemon: 1024 beyond descriptor table size 1024

which to me smells like a recompilation is required. If there's another way I'd love to hear about it.

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