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Re: slapd binds to DGRAM socket + LDAP_PARAM_ERROR

fre, 13.08.2004 kl. 09.33 skrev Manish Nasa:

> hi i am facing following problems with openldap....hope somebody can help...
> 1) I install the openLDAP server(version 2.2.13) on linux(version red hat
> 7.3) , everything works fine.
> The next day, i switch on the machine, start the server -
> "/usr/local/libexec/slapd"
> I get an error - "ldap_bind: cant contact ldap server"
> "netstat" shows me slapd binded to one of the udp sockets on an ephemeral
> port.

- Repair the database as documented in the Sleepycat Berkeley docs using
'db_recover -c'.

- Make sure that you are bringing down the database properly at
shutdown, as you should be.

- Why on earth are you shutting down the machine at all? You are not
supposed to (I do, but *you* are not supposed to :)

- Configure your database correctly using DB_CONFIG

- Update to OL 2.2.15.


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