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Re: qmail.schema

Jeroen Vriesman <jeroen.vriesman@experian.nl> writes:

> I have a qmail schema which has:
> attributetype ( NAME 'qmailUID'
>         DESC 'UID of the user on the mailsystem'
>         EQUALITY integerMatch
>         SYNTAX

..121.1.36 defines Numeric String (RFC 2252) so integerMatch fails. One
way is to change integerMatch to numericStringMatch (as you did), the
other to change Syntax to ..121.1.27

As you wrote there are more problems in qmail.schema:

> ... it stops complaining, but complains about the next one:
> attributetype ( NAME 'mailMessageStore'
>         DESC 'Path to the maildir/mbox on the mail system'
>         EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match
>         SYNTAX

If you change SYNTAX to ..121.26 it will pass the schemacheck.

> Why is that, adn should I just change the qmail.schema?

The reasons are that the EQUALITY-rules doesn't match the typedefs

For our use we changed the schema so it passes the schemachecks. A
slightly modified qmail.schema which passes the schemacheck can be found
at http://bettercom.de/misc/qmail.schema

HTH, Martin