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Re: i have no name!

El mié, 12 de 02 de 2003 a las 14:06, Brian K. Jones escribió:
> Can't believe this hasn't ever made it to this list :)
> I'm running a stock Redhat 7.3 install, including the stock openldap
> packages.  I've made it through the importing of NIS data into the
> server, and I'm even able, at this point, to log in to another redhat
> box via ssh, which gets the login info from the ldap server (yay!).
> However, even though I can log into this box using info from the ldap
> server, it apparently can't determine my username, because my bash
> prompt looks like this: [i have no name!@host]

Check the permission of /etc/libnss-ldap.conf or whatever its called in
RedHat. It must be readable by anyone.

By example, on my debian machine:

cronos:/etc# chmod 600 libnss-ldap.conf
cronos:/etc# su - pepito
I have no name!@cronos:~$ logout
cronos:/etc# chmod 644 libnss-ldap.conf
cronos:/etc# su - pepito

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