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Re: simple bind and crypt hash

At 06:24 PM 2002-10-19, Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
>How does openldap hash the incoming bind password before comparing to the hash stored in ldap? ie.

Using crypt(3).

>How does it figure out the salt?

It passes the stored value, less the {CRYPT}, to crypt(3)...
crypt(3) figures it out.

>Does it use the password-crypt-salt-format to determine the salt?  The man page says salt format is only used with exop.

password-crypt-salt-format is only used in setting new passwords
via the LDAP Password Modify extended operation.

>I'm asking this because crypting the password and then setting the userpassword attribute to that hash doesn't seem to work.

Maybe the version of crypt(3) you are using is different than the
version used by slapd(8)...  not all versions are created equally.