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RE: Silly LDAP question

The ldif2ldbm command has been superseded by slapadd.

Symas has a dynamically loadable backend module that manages /etc/passwd
directly. Much as we believe in distributed network security systems, we
also believe there are many times when it's more appropriate to preserve
native local access to authentication data.

  -- Howard Chu
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> Subject: Silly LDAP question
> I haven't set one of these up in ages.
> I've built and configured openldap-2.0.15
> edited slapd.conf
> started slapd
> ran: ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)' namingContexts
> results passed.
> Now. I have created an LDIF file, and I'm not sure where I put it.
> I used to run a utility called ldif2ldbm, but i cannot find this anywhere.
> I want to use my /etc/passwd file and convert it to LDIF format then
> transfer to LDBM.
> any assistance would be helpful.
> --jeff
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