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Silly LDAP question

I haven't set one of these up in ages.

I've built and configured openldap-2.0.15

edited slapd.conf

started slapd
ran: ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)' namingContexts

results passed.

Now. I have created an LDIF file, and I'm not sure where I put it.
I used to run a utility called ldif2ldbm, but i cannot find this anywhere.
I want to use my /etc/passwd file and convert it to LDIF format then transfer to LDBM.

any assistance would be helpful.

Jeff Donovan                    Network Analyst
Bethlehem Area School District	Network Operations
Bethlehem, PA  18020            (610) 807-5571  jdonovan@beth.k12.pa.us