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rootdn with SASL

I use Openldap 2.0.15 with SASL authenticating through  a Win NT PDC using PAM (with winbind PAM module)
I would like to use a NT ldapadmin user as the rootdn for the superuser of my openldap server instead of the cn=Manager,dc=enic,dc=fr with the default password
As specified in the administrator guide, I am trying to define the rootdn with the SASL syntax in my slapd.conf
              rootdn    "uid=NTDOMAIN_ldapadmin"
Until now it doesn't work.
Is it a syntax problem ?
I tried
                 rootdn "NTDOMAIN_ldapadmin"
                 rootdn "uid=NTDOMAIN_ldapadmin"
                 rootpw {SASL}NTDOMAIN_ldapadmin
with no success
Which parameters must I use in the ldapadd, ldapmodify or ldapsearch command to specify I want to bind as the rootdn with its special access
I tried the -U or -X  or both -U -X with no success.
Any help ?
Thank  you in advance.
Jacques Landru

 Jacques Landru
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