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Re: Add users - HELP!!!

I´m continuous trying but it´s hard(cool)!! It was helpfull

I added this line at slapd.conf:
 - access to * by * write

I also change my ldapadd command to this:
 - ldapadd -r -f passws.ldif -x -D "cn=root, o=officer, c=BR" -W password

But i got the same message
 - Insufficient access

I´m tryin to do other things but if anybody has anyidea.....

And very very very thanks for all!!! I´m alredy joining other lists(8) but
they didnt help so much like this!

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From: "Rainer Kamenik" <kamenik@stud.unileoben.ac.at>
To: "Fernando Barros" <fernando@officer.com.br>
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 9:57 PM
Subject: Re: Add users - HELP!!!

Zitiere Fernando Barros <fernando@officer.com.br>:

and don't forget to have the rights in slapd for your admin account

access to * write by dn=root ....


> Thks again but.....!!!