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Re: Add users - HELP!!!

Thk´s for all
I started slapd in debug mode and i saw this message:
=>dn2entry_w: dn: O=OFFICER,C=BR
<=ldbm_cache_open (cache 0)
<=dn2id NOID
parent does not exist

So it´s seems that i dont have a dn in my database, is it correct?
How can i put this dn(o=officer,c=br) in my database??

Thks again!!


----- Original Message -----
From: "Rainer Kamenik" <kamenik@stud.unileoben.ac.at>
To: "Fernando Barros" <fernando@officer.com.br>
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 4:38 PM
Subject: Re: Add users - HELP!!!

Zitiere Fernando Barros <fernando@officer.com.br>:

Hi Fernando

You should first start your slapd ind debug mode and watch the output.
Without your ldif-file nobody will be able to help you


> Hi
> I´ve installed OpenLDAP but i´m a little confuse.
> When i´m trying the ldapadd i get the message:
> ldap_add: No such object
>     additional info: parent does not exist
> ldif()_record = 32
> Please!!!!!, Could anybody help me?!?!??!