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Re: replication problems

"Derek Mailer" <derek.mailer@bipcontracts.com> wrote...

> start slapd on the master and slave machines - both
> start without a problem update master and check replog
> file - replication information added to replog file
> start slurpd on master - update information in replog
> is passed to the slave

> everything is fine until this point...

> update master again - master is updated, but the replog
> file contains no information and the slave is not updated
> (slurpd is still running on the master machine).

try starting slurpd with "-d" option. you also may want to have a look at
guess this will cause most problems with replication at the moment, till
everything has a modification timestamp > 1Billion..
fixed in openldap 1.2.13 / 2.0.14 btw.