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RE: SASL Authentication, DNs and supported SASLMechanisms

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone sees any practical problem with having an
entry store the next available values for attributes such as uidNumber
and gidNumber. In my case, I intend to use the values more as a hint on
where to start looking rather than to act as a definitive answer. 

For example, I have an entry which looks like the following

dn: cn=LDAPkeys,cn=config,cn=dbdata
objectClass: top
objectClass: LDAPkeyObject
nextuidNumber: 300200

A script to add user accounts consults the nexuidNumber attribute,
increments it by one and then checks to make sure it's not alreay in
use. If it is, it looks for the highest nextuidNumber and updates the
nexuidNumber value.  This just seems faster than pulling all the
uidNumber attributes from all my account records to determine what the
next available id is. I intend to use the cn=LDAPkeys entry for any
attributes requiring lookups for unique values (gidNumber, etc).

Again, I was wondering if anyone has any practical advice on the
handling of unique attribute value lookups.  


Kevin Serikstad