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RFC 2251 sec 4.4

Thanks for the suggestion regarding client auto reconnects on slapd
restart (thread below).
I would think that this is possible using the "unsolicited notification"
presented in RFC 2251 sec 4.4. However, I don't know of any examples of
this in production. I think polling for connection state would be
painful. Do you have examples of a client re-connecting after server
restart? This would be very beneficial to my current project.

	-----Original Message----- 
	From: Michael Ströder 
	Sent: Sun 9/9/2001 10:38 AM 
	To: Kevin J. McCarthy 
	Cc: openldap-software 
	Subject: Re: dynamic ACLs

	"Kevin J. McCarthy" wrote:
	> I think making a signal to reload slapd.conf on the fly would
be a great
	> improvement.
	> I need to
	> restart slapd, restart qmail-ldap, restart courier-imap, etc.,
just to
	> enable logging. THen, to diable....
	But to solve your situation you should also tell the
implementors of
	qmail-ldap, courier-imap, etc. to implement a simple reconnect
	mechanism. Shouldn't be too hard for them.
	Ciao, Michael.