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whats wrong? Which DB Version?

Hi list,

i'm desperate! Now i try man hours of building a new version of openldap
but it don't work. We use here Solaris 7 on a Sparc.
Compiling is ok, so i setup my config and start slapd. i add some objects
and it's fine. I see the objects i've added.
then i stop and start slapd and the objects are AWAY!
the db files are still there but i can't read the entrys, only a Root DSE.

Which version of the SleepyCat db should i use? 3.1.17?

I hope somebody can help me.


   Sebastian Dietzold

Sebastian Dietzold - phone: +49-341-97-16114 - fax: +49-341-97-16109
Institute  for  Medical  Informatics,  Statistics  and  Epidemiology
University  of  Leipzig  -  Liebigstr. 27 - 04103  Leipzig,  Germany