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Re: is the default schema valid?

Quoting Rajarshi Guha <rajarshi@presidency.com>:
>   I'm pretty new to LDAP and basically all I want it for is to make a
> centralized login scheme - ie, passwd are authenticated at one place.

There's a nice article from IBM on single sign-on using LDAP:


It doesn't answer your question, but may be of general interest to the list.

> I set up slapd.conf and ldap.conf and used migrate_passwd.pl and
> migrate_group.pl to generate the LDIF files. 
> After that I did:
> ldapadd -D "cn=manager, o=MonteCarloLab, c=US" -W < ~/passwd.ldif
> But I get the error:
> adding new entry uid=root,ou=People,o=MonteCarloLab,c=US
> ldap_add: No such object
> Is this a problem in the schema or in the naming of my domain? Below I
> include my slapd.conf & ldap.conf

It's fairly basic, but first I would ensure that you have already added 
the superior tree objects, i.e., did you already add an organisation
object with DN "o=MonteCarloLab,c=US", and then another organizationalUnit
with DN "ou=People,o=MonteCarloLab,c=US"?

The point is that the object nodes in a tree have to exist before
you can add new objects below it.  Forgive me if you've alreadyt done this. :-)

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