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maintaining indexes while ldap is running.

(No I'm not talking about running slapadd while the server is running!)

My problem is that over time, writing to the database using ldapadd or php
functions seems to cause something to go wrong with my indexes.  The
system starts not seeing unix users (stored in ldap).  If I stop ldap and
run slapindex, and restart, then the users are normal again (ie linux sees
them fine).  Is this a known issue?  I mean I know that writing to an ldap
database is not that great (no locking, etc).  I'm serializing most of my
writes via a sql database that's ldapadded every few minutes.  When I get
a large batch of updates, over time, bad things happen, like crashes of
slapd, etc.  If I slapindex as I've mentioned,  ldap gets back to being
nice and stable.

I appreciate any advice and help.