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RE: alias dereferencing versus referrals

Thank you very much for answering. Really !

>What version of OpenLDAP are you using?

I'm using the windows version from
based on the core 2.0.7

>If 2.0.x, do you have an equality (eq) index on objectClass?

None that I set myself. If you tell me how to check the db's indexing info,
I'll try to find that out.

>Does the server behave correctly when deref is never?

By "correctly", I assume you mean returning a referral error, rigth ? The
answer is yes.

>Are there any alias objects held in the database?

There were, but because of your question, I set up a DIT exactly as
described in my question:

(DSA_1 - machine_1:389)
dn: c=pt
objectClass : top
objectClass : country
c: pt

dn: o=orgA, c=pt
objectClass: referral
objectClass: extensibleObject
o: orgA
ref: ldap://machine_2:400/o=orgA,c=pt

(DSA_2 - machine_2:400)
dn: o=orgA, c=pt
objectClass : top
objectClass : organization
o : orgA

dn: ou=orgAUnit, o=orgA, c=pt
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalUnit
ou: orgAUnit

and the problem remained.

Thanks again.