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Re: alias dereferencing versus referrals

No answers yet... just some questions.

What version of OpenLDAP are you using?
If 2.0.x, do you have an equality (eq) index on objectClass?
Does the server behave correctly when deref is never?
Are there any alias objects held in the database?


At 02:57 AM 2001-09-04, Nuno Miguel  do Espirito Santo Gomes de Oliveira wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>Imagine the following DIT :
>dn: c=pt
>dn: ou=orgA, c=pt (objectClass referral, extensibleObject/ ref =
>        |
>        | (DSA_2)
>        dn: ou=orgA, c=pt(objectClass:organizationalUnit)
>        dn: ou=orgAUnit, ou=orgA, c=pt(objectClass:organizationalUnit)
>Imagine further that we're connected to DSA_1, and that we're not following
>or handling referrals or continuation references.
>The problem is that whenever I set alias dereferencing to FINDING, a search
>with base ou=orgAUnit, ou=orgA, c=pt returns NoSuchObject. However, by
>setting it to SEARCHING I get a ReferralError, which was my expected result.
>The fact that alias dereferencing settings affect the search result WHEN NO
>ALIASES ARE INVOLVED seems strange to me.
>This must be a problem with the server rigth?
>If so, is this behaviour according to any standard? More important, IS THIS
>A BUG? 
>Please, I really need help on this.
>Thank you,