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Re: Authentication progress

--On Donnerstag, 30. August 2001 09:46 -0600 Robert Harris <rharris@raindance.com> wrote:

when I try to SSH from one box to my test box I'm still getting this in my auth file:

Aug 30 07:53:40 spirit sshd[185]: Faking authloop for illegal user rharris
from port 34535

However, when I login on my console I see this:

Spirit Login:  rharris
Password: (pass not displayed)
LDAP Password: (Pass not displayed)
Login incorrect

and this in my auth file:

Aug 30 08:53:44 spirit PAM_unix[199]: check pass; user unknown
Aug 30 08:53:44 spirit PAM_unix[199]: authentication failure; LOGIN(uid=0)
-> rharris for login service
Aug 30 08:53:50 spirit login[199]: FAILED LOGIN (1) on `tty1' FOR
`UNKNOWN', Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info.

my user ID is "rharris", my ldap server has an entry for "uid" and
"uidNumber" where uid=rharris and uidNumber=1012.


As root do a "getent passwd" and see if rharris occurs in the list. If not, you'll probably have some problems with your nss_ldap setup.

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