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Re: ldapdelete inconsistency with master & slave

At 09:28 AM 2001-09-03, Rachel Chew wrote:
>csvhl@lynx:~/openldap/var > ../bin/ldapdelete -W -D
>"cn=Manager,dc=rachel,dc=warwick,dc=ac,dc=uk" dn 
>"cn=John1,ou=RachelOrg,dc=warwick ,dc=ac,dc=uk"
>Enter LDAP Password:
>Delete Result: Invalid DN syntax (34)
>Additional info: invalid DN 

'dn' isn't a valid DN.

>On A, I have an extra schema, called 'mull.schema' which is included in
>slapd.conf. I don't have that schema in B's slapd.conf. Could that be the
>problem. Please help. Thanks in advance,

Replicas should generally have the same schema as their master.