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2 Questions: Search for the highest value, Create a unique value

Question 1:
Is there a way to search for the highest (or lowest) value for a given
attribute in a directory? For example, suppose my directory contained the
altitude for a person's house. Is there some way that I could find out who
lives at the highest and lowest altitudes? Or suppose I wanted to know whose
names would be printed first and last if I printed out my entire directory
contents sorted alphabetically by givenName?

Question 2:
Suppose I added people to my directory and wanted to assign each person a
unique number. Is there a way to automatically generate a unique identifier?
Assume that in my people directory, no field is guaranteed to be unique. I
could have two or more "John Smith" entries without email addresses or
street addresses or telephone numbers, etc.

Thank you,
Chuck Coker

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