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Re: Open LDAP on Windows 2000

At 07:20 AM 2001-08-31, Truong Dieu Linh wrote:
>I have just install OpenLdap for windows 2000 verson 2.07, after my
>installation, I have add a new entry by using slapadd with a ldif file. All
>is fine.
>But wen I use a ldap client browser to view the content of the database LDAP
>like LDAPBroswer or Directory Management Tool of IBM SercureWay Directory,
>the content can not be view because it has not RootDSE.
>So How can I define the RootDSE of the new server ?? Can anyone help me.

OpenLDAP 2.0 provides a root DSE.  These tools are likely not
requesting the return of the operational attributes they need
[per RFC 2251].