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Re: ldif API

--On Monday, March 13, 2017 7:46 PM +0000 Brett Sheffield <brett@gladserv.com> wrote:

Hi Brett,

Which leads me to ask three questions:

1) Am I correct in thinking this will make it into the 2.5 release?

Yes, it's already in the RE25 development branch.

2) Is there a rough release date planned for 2.5?

Not at this time. We had been planning on doing an initial alpha for 2.5 to get the ball rolling on sunsetting 2.4. I'd still like to get to that point, but we need to get the current 2.4 release stable first (Things like ITS#8444, ITS#8609, ITS#8589, ITS#8559, ITS#8545, ITS#8436, ITS#8528, ITS#8125, etc). There are also a couple of items that need fixing in master/RE25 before we do a 2.5 alpha as well.

3) I've submitted my first patch to openldap[2], adding a new function
ldif_open_mem() which is useful when working with ldif data in memory. I
read through the contribution guidelines and I think I've made all the
necessary copyright statements etc., but please let me know if I've
missed anything.  It would be great if this made it into 2.5 as well (tis

Great, thanks! I can't say when it will be responded to as it'll need a code review, most likely from Howard, and I know he's currently heavily involved in a customer project for Symas.

The simple fact is, the project needs more active participants, particularly knowledgable C programmers, so that things do not continually back up waiting on Howard for a response to even get somewhere on them. :/



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