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Re: RE24 testing call #3 (2.4.43) LMDB RE0.9 testing call #3 (0.9.17)

--On Tuesday, November 10, 2015 10:43 AM +0100 Jens Vagelpohl <jens@dataflake.org> wrote:

Thanks for the report. Why are you still using BDB 4.8? I've run into
locking issues with 4.8.30 recently, had to upgrade to 5.3.28.

Hi Howard,

It's simple convenience. Homebrew offers either BDB 4.8.30 as package
berkeley-db4 or BDB 6.1.26 as package berkeley-db. I don't recall any
discussion here about BDB 6.x being OK so it seemed OK to stick with
4.8.30 for the moment since it's just for testing.

BDB 6.x had a licensing change that makes it non compatible with OSS software. I'm surprised Homebrew ships it at all. Essentially, the 5.x series is the last series of BDB that's usable with OpenLDAP, etc. If it's just for testing, 4.8's fine. ;)



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