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Re: RE24 testing call #3 (2.4.43) LMDB RE0.9 testing call #3 (0.9.17)

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
All tests run through without failures on OS X El Capitan / 10.11.1 with the following configuration:

export CC="gcc -isystem /usr/local/opt/berkeley-db4/include -L/usr/local/opt/berkeley-db4/lib -L/usr/local/opt/berkeley-db4/lib”

./configure --enable-overlays --enable-ldap --enable-meta

BerkeleyDB is version 4.8.30 from Homebrew.

Thanks for the report. Why are you still using BDB 4.8? I've run into locking issues with 4.8.30 recently, had to upgrade to 5.3.28.

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