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Re: RE24 testing call #1 (OL 2.4.24)

--On Thursday, January 06, 2011 2:38 PM +0100 Hallvard B Furuseth <h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no> wrote:

I'll second Doug's wish for the concurrency patch.
Unless we're planning to have 2.4.25 out pretty soon anyway...

This was just a checkpoint to make sure what was done so far doesn't break anything. I.e., I went through and pulled in all the obvious bits since last July.

Also this is in Test:
ITS#6736 Listener info destroyed too early on shutdown

This will be in the next set.

Some issues it'd be nice to have in, if they're simple for those who
know the code in question:

ITS#6760 rwm broken entry handling
  Fixed, I think, but needs review

This will be in the next set.

ITS#6532 Support for common orderingMatching rules in extensible match
filters   TODO: Handle CSN and UUID ordering match too?
  (Almost certainly OK, but I wanted someone who knows to say so. It's
  a two-line update, setting the SLAP_MR_EXT flag for these rules.)

Also, possibly the rest of "ITS#6739 broken do_syncrep2()" is simple.
Almost fixed.

If you get these committed, I can add them.



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