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Re: commit: ldap/doc/man/man5 slapd-bdb.5

Howard Chu writes:
>> BTW, if back-bdb and dbpagesize measure pages in 1K block units,
>> back-bdb must ensure Berkeley DB doesn't pick 512-byte blocks.
> If you set an explicit size, BDB doesn't get to pick, so that's irrelevant.

OK.  I was thinking the other way: If back-bdb reads the setting and
makes use of it for something.  I guess not.

> Besides, no worthwhile filesystems in common use today use 512 byte blocks. 

Famous last words...  Next FS revolutions will see - oh, blocks of
blocks where the inner blocks often are small.  Or whatever.

>> Brainstorming a bit more: For a DB admin, I imagine it could be
>> nice to allow "I don't care as long as you don't pick too small or
>> too large pages".  I.e. a pagesize range:
> (...)
> Anyone who changes this setting should have read all of the relevant
> BDB docs first, to understand the risks and tradeoffs. At that point,
> they should choose a specific number, none of this fuzzy approximate
> range stuff.

Fine by me.