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Re: commit: ldap/doc/man/man5 slapd-bdb.5

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
I wrote:
dbpagesize [ * | file ] { integer | [integer]-[integer] }

Typo: dbpagesize { * | file } { integer | [integer]-[integer] }

I have no idea if that's useful enough to bother with though.  If
one tries to write a template for a "general" config, it might be
better to write a script which dynamically creates one.

Probably most useful if you have several "identical" servers on different OSes, with a common slapd.conf from CVS or whatever. But even then one needs two almost-identical configurations: for the master and for slaves. Unless they are all (multi-)masters.

Yes, that's precisely the type of scenario that worries me the most. Which is one argument for keeping the default hardcoded to 4K instead of letting BDB decide. That eliminates any ambiguity, and means that you can safely tune them all identically, because the underlying assumptions would be the same.

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