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Re: HEADS UP: Attribute changes

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Howard Chu writes:
This is the first stage in a larger transition, to using sorted arrays
for multivalued attributes. I haven't quite decided how the next steps
will play out just yet.
We can also implement this without any user-visible change, if we keep
an auxiliary ordering array, the way the current sorter does. But it
seems to me that that will be too much memory overhead. It also makes
add/remove that much more tedious...

Add a slapd.conf directive which inserts an implicit X-ORDERED 'VALUES' in an already existing attribute definition. Then admins can configure the old behavior for the attributes where he needs it, including in preexisting schema. (Could support @objectclass and !objectclass to list multiple attributes, or a regex matching the attribute name.)

OK, that makes sense. Except it's not the same as X-ORDERED 'VALUES' behavior. The X-ORDERED properties allow you to define an arbitrary static ordering. This is just a straight memcmp-based ordering (or similar, most likely length-first).

I don't think objectclass shorthand makes sense here. It would be pretty unusual to need this feature on e.g. all the attributes of inetOrgPerson.

This would be somewhat like integrating the valsort overlay features into the mainline (but without the weighted option).

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