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Re: HEADS UP: Attribute changes

Howard Chu writes:
> This is the first stage in a larger transition, to using sorted arrays
> for multivalued attributes. I haven't quite decided how the next steps
> will play out just yet.
> (...)
> We can also implement this without any user-visible change, if we keep
> an auxiliary ordering array, the way the current sorter does. But it
> seems to me that that will be too much memory overhead. It also makes
> add/remove that much more tedious...

Add a slapd.conf directive which inserts an implicit X-ORDERED 'VALUES'
in an already existing attribute definition.  Then admins can configure
the old behavior for the attributes where he needs it, including in
preexisting schema.  (Could support @objectclass and !objectclass to
list multiple attributes, or a regex matching the attribute name.)