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Re: dynamic groups

Aleksander Adamowski wrote:
MichaÅ SzulczyÅski wrote:
While it's good that you got this code working, I still believe you've completely missed the point of dynamic groups.
I agree with you that this is not a truly dynamic group. This overlay is more of a "automatically updated static group," so maybe the name of this overlay is not
representing what it does exactly. But without modifying much of the OpenLDAP codebase I don't see a better way to do it (but maybe I'm wrong, so feel free to correct me)
Actually, I originally thought of this as a "materialized" dynamic
groups, per analogy to materialized views in RDBMS world.

So a more proper name for the overlay would be "mdynlist", not "rdynlist".

I think we can drop the dynlist reference since dynlist is much more general and this is specific to groups. I think something like "autogroup" would be more appropriate. If you're satisfied with the functionality of the code as-is we can probably add it to the contrib/slapd-modules tree. Read the contributing guidelines, then submit your package to the ITS.
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