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<quote who="Howard Chu">
> Gavin Henry wrote:
>> <quote who="Quanah Gibson-Mount">
>>> OpenLDAP Release Engineering 2.4 has been sync'd with HEAD.  Please
>>> check
>>> it out and test that builds and functionality work as expected.  I've
>>> tested so far on MAC OS X x86.
>>> Thanks!
>> Excellent. Just build docs fine, as expected. Will start building later
>> and report back.
>> Will we have an updated version of the 2.4 guide and PDF on the devel
>> section of the site or somewhere else? We can then point users to it and
>> ask for feedback of any missing sections etc.
> Yes to the HTML. We've never produced PDFs in the past but I guess we
> could
> start. I personally wouldn't bother with posting PDFs until we're closer
> to
> complete here. Also since the PDF is generated from HTML anyway, I
> personally
> would just use the HTML.

For normal releases we already have:


Which has a PDF for the 2.3 Admin Guide, but until we're out of beta it
can wait.

> (One nice thing being that you can read it on a
> TTY,
> another being that you can copy/paste from it. Two strikes against PDF, in
> my
> mind.)

Umm, one strike. You can easily copy and paste from PDFs to the same
degree you can from HTML (HTML tables I'm thinking about here, which
produce the same results as c&p from PDFs), but your point is noted :-)