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Gavin Henry wrote:
<quote who="Quanah Gibson-Mount">
OpenLDAP Release Engineering 2.4 has been sync'd with HEAD.  Please check
it out and test that builds and functionality work as expected.  I've
tested so far on MAC OS X x86.


Excellent. Just build docs fine, as expected. Will start building later and report back.

Will we have an updated version of the 2.4 guide and PDF on the devel
section of the site or somewhere else? We can then point users to it and
ask for feedback of any missing sections etc.

Yes to the HTML. We've never produced PDFs in the past but I guess we could start. I personally wouldn't bother with posting PDFs until we're closer to complete here. Also since the PDF is generated from HTML anyway, I personally would just use the HTML. (One nice thing being that you can read it on a TTY, another being that you can copy/paste from it. Two strikes against PDF, in my mind.)
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