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Re: Getting more meaningful error out of back-config

Howard Chu wrote:
> Ralf Haferkamp wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to improve the error messages that back-config returns via
>> LDAP to the client. Currently in many case you only get back a very
>> generic error messages. E.g. when trying to add a second monitor
>> database you just get:
>> Error code LDAP_OTHER with the diagnostic message set to
>> "<olcDatabase> failed init". To find out what really went wrong you
>> need to dig up the logfiles.
>> One way to get more meaningful error messages to the client would be
>> by adding an additional const char** text parameter to the _db_init
>> functions (and probably some other of the BI_db_func() functions as
>> well), similiar to what is done in many other case when error messages
>> need to be passed to the caller.
>> Does somebody have better ideas how to achieve this?
> That sounds like a good enough approach. Go ahead...

What about passing a SlapReply *, or a specific type?  SlapReply already
contains sr_err and sr_text, and other useful parameters that could be
filled by functions for the purpose of being returned to a client (I can
figure out possible uses of sr_matched and of sr_ctrls for future
extensibility).  Probably, a REP_INTERNAL should be added to the REP_*
enum, to clearly distinguish responses to internal operations not
related to the protocol.


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