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Re: Getting more meaningful error out of back-config

Ralf Haferkamp wrote:

I'd like to improve the error messages that back-config returns via LDAP to the client. Currently in many case you only get back a very generic error messages. E.g. when trying to add a second monitor database you just get:
Error code LDAP_OTHER with the diagnostic message set to "<olcDatabase> failed init". To find out what really went wrong you need to dig up the logfiles.

One way to get more meaningful error messages to the client would be by adding an additional const char** text parameter to the _db_init functions (and probably some other of the BI_db_func() functions as well), similiar to what is done in many other case when error messages need to be passed to the caller.

Does somebody have better ideas how to achieve this?

That sounds like a good enough approach. Go ahead...

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