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Re: testsuite inconsistencies

> I'm trying to maintain OpenLDAP software using Aegis.  One of the
> constraints imposed by Aegis is that the integration directory can not
> be modified by the testsuite.
> Looking at the various scripts under tests/ it seems to me that the
> solution for my problem is to set TESTDIR=/tmp/..... However I've
> discovered that some scripts does not use $TESTDIR but ./testrun, also
> all the files under test/data use ./testrun.

TESTDIR=/tmp/testrun, I presume.  (Slightly outdated by now:-)

Note that I've encountered machines with ridiculously little free space
in /tmp's partition.  The testsuite can use quite a bit of disk space,
and if it fills up /tmp, you can mess up for other programs.

If you are unlucky and the test suite dumps core, that too modifies the
source directory tree.  Is that relevant for Aegis?

An opposite way could be to
  cd <directory in which to make testrun/ (unless you override TESTDIR)>
  /foobar/src/openldap-2.3.8/tests/run all
if "run" would pick out the tests/ directory from $0 (or from an option
on hosts where $0 does not work).