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Re: testsuite inconsistencies

At 01:48 AM 9/19/2005, Walter Franzini wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm trying to maintain OpenLDAP software using Aegis.  One of the
>constraints imposed by Aegis is that the integration directory can not
>be modified by the testsuite.
>Looking at the various scripts under tests/ it seems to me that the
>solution for my problem is to set TESTDIR=/tmp/.....  However I've
>discovered that some scripts does not use $TESTDIR but ./testrun, also
>all the files under test/data use ./testrun.
>I've also discovered that some tests script use 'mkdir -p' while others
>use 'mkdir'.  This may be a problem when TESTDIR != './testrun'.
>If you think it may be useful I can file an issue on the ITS and provide
> a patch.

Feel free....