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Re: back-config design considerarions - Admin Guide fodder

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> -f -F should be used one time to convert from the conf file to the
> config backend.  I would say running slapd with -f and -F was invalid
> once the conversion is done.

=> Using -f -F together should be invalid when starting slapd. The
conversion should be done with a separate tool (called sbin/slapconfconv
or similar).

> If you need to re-bootstrap the configuration, then you should delete
> the old config backend directory, and use -f -F again.


> And there was an ITS I filed about this some time ago, where I noted it
> would be useful to have a way to use -f and -F together to bootstrap the
> config directory that didn't result in a running slapd.  Howard made a
> modification to allow you to do this using the "slaptest" command, IIRC.

Hmm, ok. But I'd rather vote for disallowing "slapd -f -F" completely.

Ciao, Michael.