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Re: Move SLAPI in an overlay...

>I think if you do know in advance what the result of an operation will be,
>and you can speculate enough about the expected results you intend to
>handle, I think the current mech is enough.  For instance, for your
>problem you could just intercept the delete in foo_op_delete, do an
>internal search (possibly as the rootdn), copy the entry if it exists and
>store it somewhere (I think I used the ldap_pvt_thread_pool_[gs]etkey to
>keep it 'round the operation); then, in case of success, in foo_response()
>do what you need, otherwise just delete the copy.

Then you have two entries in the directory with the same UUID. If the
DSA crashes before the original entry is deleted then directory is
left in an inconsistent state.

-- Luke