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Re: overlays (was: commit: ldap/doc/man/man5 slapd.conf.5)

> I'd answer: when does an overlay move from experimental to production
> ready?  I'm currently stress-testing some of the overlays you listed below

The other side of this is if something is "ready" to be supported.
Certainly QA/stress/etc. is an essential part, but I wouldn't like the
general userbase to have a "production" overlay (or any other part of
OpenLDAP software) that doesn't have decent documentation/relevant FAQ
entries/etc. This is also a great contribution opportunity for the general
community (the recent call for slapo-glue examples on openldap-software
was answered very quickly, for example).

I'm not saying that any of the current "experimental" overlays fall into
this category. But if they do, outward display of this ("This overlay is
and always will be experimental," move to contrib, etc.) would be a very
good thing. I'm sure plenty of OpenLDAP users (myself included) are
examining the new overlays for integration into their environments; a lack
of community support (one of the greatest features of OpenLDAP and open
source in general) would surely sway those decisions somewhat.