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Re: back-config, includes

Pierangelo Masarati writes:
>Howard Chu wrote:
>> You're welcome to suggest something else. There's no reason that the
>> character used in the filesystem needs to be the same as the one in
>> the DIT, but it would be a bad idea to make the DIT representation vary.
> One quick approach is to allow custom replacement of chars from DIT to
> FS and forth.  One could freely remap "=", "{",  "}". and any other
> offending char (something like autoconf rewriting all FS-specific chars
> to "_", but reversible).

Sounds nice.  And actually I would suggest "" and "-" as default
instead of "{" and "}".

Though I'm not sure why schema files need that much ordering
functionality, if this is part of the automatically maintained ordering
you mentioned elsewhere.  The maintainer has to specify ordering of
schema files anyway, the server can't reorder them.

Would it be enough to simply have the maintainer name the schema files

etc and let back-config sort the files in a directory and read them in
the sort order?  Probably with a sort algorithm which sorts 5-x.ldif as
less than 10-x.ldif.  Or one could declare that the numbers are to
be considered the decimals after a "0.":-)