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Re: moving "guide" source into "ldap" module

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

It's been suggested that we should minimally include
guide.html (and dependencies) in releases.  I'm thinking
that it might be best to include complete guide source
in the distributions as well.  This, I hope, would
lead to more documentation production activity...
as well as help us maintain version-specific guides.

So, I am considering moving /pkg/openldap-guide to
/pkg/ldap/doc/guide.  I'd fix up the module names
so that one could still grab just the guide.  But
with this renaming, it would be harder to do
a software source only checkout.

Guess I could play CVS module games.  That is,
create a module that combined source and guide
sources.  I know that's possible, but not familiar
enough with CVS modules to know precisely how
to specify this.  Specific suggestions here welcomed.

This will work:

Leave the guide where it currently is.

Rename the current source-only ldap module to e.g. ldapsrc
Here's a working example:

ldapsrc pkg/ldap
ldap-guide              pkg/openldap-guide

subguide        -d doc/guide pkg/openldap-guide

ldap    pkg/ldap &subguide

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