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moving "guide" source into "ldap" module

It's been suggested that we should minimally include
guide.html (and dependencies) in releases.  I'm thinking
that it might be best to include complete guide source
in the distributions as well.  This, I hope, would
lead to more documentation production activity...
as well as help us maintain version-specific guides.

So, I am considering moving /pkg/openldap-guide to
/pkg/ldap/doc/guide.  I'd fix up the module names
so that one could still grab just the guide.  But
with this renaming, it would be harder to do
a software source only checkout.

Guess I could play CVS module games.  That is,
create a module that combined source and guide
sources.  I know that's possible, but not familiar
enough with CVS modules to know precisely how
to specify this.  Specific suggestions here welcomed.