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RE: New functionality proposed

Unfortunately not. The problem arises when you can _not_ establish where the record is. Consider this "cn=john D*" to find all john doe's... or for that matter "cn=john Doe" even if there is only one this is not sufficient to determine the host holding the entry. When the request does not contain enough info to localize the subtree there is no real alternative but to ask every server, is there?


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"Bengt Hammarlin" <Bengt.Hammarlin@mobeon.com> writes:

> Sorry about the malformed message. Outlook "helped" me improve the 
> look of the mail.
> Thanx for the input. I know that LDAP is session oriented but one way 
> or another I need to "broadcast" the request if it is not found 
> locally and cannot be localized in any other way. The idea is to only 
> have the entry in one instance to reduce sync's as well as actual size 
> of the local database. These broadcasts should be infrequent based on 
> the assumption that a vast majority of lookup requests are satisfied 
> locally. Any idea how to solve that?

Couldn't this be resolved by means of dns service resource records?
That is,not broadcasting a request, but asking domain name service for the host of a particular subtree.


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