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Re: OpenLDAP and Mac OS X

2004-08-05 kl. 19.03 skrev Jason Townsend:

On Aug 5, 2004, at 12:01 AM, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Roland Hedberg wrote:
Hi !

Anyone with any experience of building OpenLDAP on Mac OS X ?

I know that Mac OS X comes with OpenLDAP installed, but that is no good to me since I'm trying to developing an OpenLDAP overlay on a PowerBook.

Compiling is unproblematic (sort of) but slapd doesn't want to load my module.
I know there is nothing wrong with the module as such since exactly the same code works without a hitch on a linux machine.

It has probably something to do with the way Apple handles dynamic libraries.

If this is a priority for you, I suggest you patch overlays/overlays.c to load your handler statically.

Currently Apple's installed build of OpenLDAP has everything linked in statically. How is your overlay module packaged? .la/.so? .dylib?

We use the first style for loading SASL plug-ins, so I know that can work. I believe that you can't load a dylib as a plug-in in the same way which might be the problem you're running into.

I used .la .

If the static approach doesn't work, you may want to take your question to darwin-development@lists.apple.com.

The static approach did work.

-- Roland

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