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Re: DN with semicolon does not work

> Okay, I think "1\2C2\3B" is easier to read than "1\2C2\;3".
> The latter requires me to recognize and understand two
> different escaping methods instead of just one.

Fine.  I note that right now normalized and pretty DN are
exactly the same (same flag is passed to DN parsing/stringifying
routines); all we need to do is add the special chars to the
mcros that decide if they have to be escaped as chars or
hexpairs.  I note that this part of code has been already mucked
with by defining the PRETTY_ESCAPE macro at the beginning of
library/libldap/getdn.c; I guess that if we simply undefine it,
we get hexpair escaping of all specials.

I've just committed an essential DN write test, based on your
draft.  Unfortunately, the first thing this did was to reveal
that back-bdb's ITS#3063 (empty suffix) bug is still there;
now, instead of a sigsegv we get that only one entry can be
added to the database.

So, the test currenlty works only with ldbm.

Another issue is that currently slapd considers most of the LDAPv2
syntaxes invalid (e.g. "<DN>", "RDN;RDN;RDN", "OID.1.2.3=value"
and so) because the DN parse routines don't get passed the
LDAPv2 ccompatibility flag.  I think this was done on purpose,
so the ';' as rdn separator is now really a moot point.



Pierangelo Masarati

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