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Re: OS/390 test glitch

At 10:47 AM 5/29/2003, Howard Chu wrote:
>Part of ITS#2401 moved the test scripts' argument processing to args.sh. The
>script is sourced using
>        . $(scripts)/args.sh
>which works fine on Linux and Solaris, and presumably most Unix systems. By
>"works fine" that means the commands in args.sh are executed as if they were
>part of the main script.
>On OS/390 this is treated a bit like a subshell invocation - args.sh wants an
>explicit argument list, otherwise it acts like there are no arguments.


>So, it
>needs to be invoked as
>        . $(scripts)/args.sh $*

That should work on other platforms.

>This seems to be harmless on Linux and Solaris. Any opinions on how to
>1) revert and get rid of args.sh, copy its contents back into each of the
>test* scripts
>2) add $* to the args.sh invocation
>not a big deal either way...