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OS/390 test glitch

Part of ITS#2401 moved the test scripts' argument processing to args.sh. The
script is sourced using
	. $(scripts)/args.sh

which works fine on Linux and Solaris, and presumably most Unix systems. By
"works fine" that means the commands in args.sh are executed as if they were
part of the main script.

On OS/390 this is treated a bit like a subshell invocation - args.sh wants an
explicit argument list, otherwise it acts like there are no arguments. So, it
needs to be invoked as
	. $(scripts)/args.sh $*

This seems to be harmless on Linux and Solaris. Any opinions on how to

1) revert and get rid of args.sh, copy its contents back into each of the
test* scripts

2) add $* to the args.sh invocation

not a big deal either way...

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