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slapd.access man page inconsistant with Admin Guide


  The slapd.access man page appears to be inconsistant with the Admin
  Guide which is online.  In slapd.access:

           # first database definition & configuration options
           database    <backend 1 type>
           <configuration options specific to backend 1>
           # subsequent database definitions & configuration options

       Both the global configuration and each backend-specific section
       can contain access information.  Backend-specific  access  con-
       trol  directives  are used for those entries that belong to the
       backend, according to their naming context.  In case no  access
       control directives are defined for a backend or those which are
       defined are not applicable, the directives from the global con-
       figuration section are then used.

  In the Admin guide:

        # backend definition
        backend <typeA>
        <backend-specific directives>

        # first database definition & config directives
        database <typeA>
        <database-specific directives>

  I believe the manpage needs to be updated with s/backend/database/ in
  the paragraph cited above, assumeing that the access controls really
  are database specific and not backend specific, which I would expect
  and seems to be what the configuration snippet above would imply.



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